In this three part tutorial series, you learned how to use the iOS pickerView control using the Swift Programming. An Objective-C version of this tutorial series can be accessed here. Before we begin, I assume the following: You’ve read the Objective-C version of this tutorial. You already know how to use Xcode IDE. You aren’t a newbie to […]
This is the final workshop of the PickerView tutorial and in it you will learn how to display images and text in a single component of a PickerView control. Initial Setup Start by launching the PickerView application you’ve been working on. Add a third class file in the project. Provide these options for it. Modify the […]
In last week’s workshop, you learned the basics of using the PickerView control. In this week’s workshop, you will learn how to do the follow: Display two components in the PickerView control. Populate one component of the PickerView control with text strings; the other with images. Display the item the user picked in a TextView […]
If you are a new visitor to our site, please read the Getting Started guide. A PickerView control enables your app user to select an item from a list. The PickerView control is compose of a component (wheel) and scrolling rows. The image below shows what the Picker View Control looks like when you drag it from […]
The move file operation, move a file from one folder or sub folder in the application sandbox, to another folder or subfolder in the application sandbox, and vice versa. Code presented on this page assume you are using Xcode 7.0 and Swift version 2.0. So if you are using a older or newer version of Swift, it may […]

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