Never forget where you park your car again! This easy-to-use iCarLocator app allow you to take a photo of your parked car and mark its location on a map. Accessing features of the app is done by tapping icons located below the map. The app is design to run on an iPhone device; however it will run just fine on other iOS devices.

Main Features

✓ Take a photo as a visual que of where you parked your car
✓ Set a parking meter timer
✓ Zoom in to the location where you parked your car by tapping a button
✓ Switch the map view by tapping a button
✓ Help screen shows you how to use the iCarLocator app

If your iOS device don’t have a camera, the iCarLocator app will allow you to select a photo from the built-in Photos app. The QuickTime demo video shows that feature.

Download on the App Store Price: free software-quicktime-iconDemo Video

Here are some screenshots of what the iCarLocator app’s screens looks like, on an iPhone 5 device.

iphone4inch-screen1 iphone4inch-screen2
iphone4inch-screen3 iphone4inch-screen5

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  1. Sharkes Monken says:

    Hey, is it possible for me to help out with extra features and provide extra cool stuff. Here’s my email incase you want to share the source code.

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