Welcome to the Swift and Xcode 6 Demystified online course. The course material is presented as workshops and you are reading the first one. In it you will learn how to use Xcode 6 Beta to create a new iOS project. So before you begin the workshop I assume the following:

  • You downloaded and installed Yosemite Operating System on your Mac
  • You downloaded and installed Xcode 6 on your Mac
  • You know how to use a previous version of Xcode
  • You created a folder called Interactive Swift Programming in the existing Documents folder

Here are the steps to create a new iOS project called Swift Variable in the Interactive Swift Programming folder.

1. Launch Xcode 6 and use the keyboard shortcut keys (shift +⌘ + N) to display the project template window shown below. Click the Single View Application template item, then click the Next button.


2.  Xcode display the project options window on your screen. Enter Swift Variable in the Product Name box. Provide information shown in the image below for the project, then click the Next button.


3. Xcode display this window on your screen. Select where you want Xcode to save the iOS project. I assume you’ll save the project in a folder called Interactive Swift Programming. Once you’ve selected a folder, click the Create button.


4. Xcode goes to work to create the project and load it in a workspace. The image below shows what it look like in Xcode 6 Integrated Development Editor (IDE).



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