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Hey reader, I did it. I downloaded and installed iOS 7 on my Mac. I launched Xcode and created a new project (shift + command + N). Here is what I saw on my screen:

Figure 1: Create a new project, step 1

I thought to my self, “Oh wow! that’s different.” I notice right away that Apple have added a new template  SpriteKit Game. So I clicked it and read the description. Once I’ve satisfied my curiosity, I clicked the Single View Application template, then click the Next button. Here is what I saw on my screen:

Figure 2: Create a new project, step 2

Nothing earth shattering here, so I entered FirstXcode5App in the Product name box, left every thing else as-is. I clicked the Next button and here is what I saw on my screen:

Figure 3: Create a new project, step 3

I decided that I want to save this new Xcode project in a new folder, so I clicked the New Folder button. This window popped up. I entered iOS7 Projects in the box, then clicked the Create button.
The New Folder window disappeared and this is what my screen looks like now.

Figure 4: Create a new project, step 4

As you can see, the new folder I created is highlighted, so I clicked the Create button. Xcode went to work to create the project and this is what my screen look like now.

Figure 5: Create a new project, step 5

As you can see, Xcode’s IDE look different now, so I took some time to familiarize myself with the areas of the IDE I will be using frequently. You should too. First, I clicked the Main_iPhone.storyboard file, expanded all folders in the project navigator panel, then expanded the Document Outline panel. My screen now look like this.

Figure 6: Xcode storyboard files

Now, here is few things I notice about Xcode 5’s IDE. In the project navigator panel, there are no xib files, they’ve been replace by two storyboard files (Main_iPhone.storyboard and Main_iPad.storyboard). The project’s icon and launch images are place in a folder called Images.xcassets.The toolbar icons look different but work the same way. Also, most objects/controls in the object library look different.

By the way, storyboards are available in all of these Xcode templates except the Empty Application template.

Figure 7: Xcode templates

The last thing I did is launch Finder and move the iOS7 Projects folder out of the iOS Apps folder and drop it on the Documents directory. I then dragged and dropped the iOS7 Projects folder on Finder’s sidebar.

iOSu Projects-folder-infinder
Figure 8: New folder in Finder’s sidebar

From now on I assume you’ll be using Xcode 5’s editor.


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