Before you can create applications that run on these iOS devices, you have to download Apple’s Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK is used by iOS developers to create applications that run on these iOS devices.

Figure 1: Apple’s iOS Devices

The SDK is also used by Mac developers to create applications that run on Mac computers and it contain tools shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Tools of the SDK

Xcode, Interface Builder, and iOS Simulator are main tools of the SDK. Sub tools of the SDK are shown on the right side of Figure 2. If you’ve used Xcode 5 to develop iOS applications, then you already know how to use tools of the SDK.

Now, to get your hands on the newest version of the SDK, launch the App Store application on your Mac and download and install the new Mac Operating System, called Yosemite. This will take some time because it is a big file, so be patient. Once you’ve done that, return to the App Store application and download the newest version of Xcode 6. Again, this will take some time.

Once Launchpad have completed installation of Xcode 6 in your Applications folder, locate its icon using Finder, then drag and drop it on the Dock. That way, you’ll always have easy access to Xcode 6.

When you launch Xcode 6 for the very first time, you will be greeted with this welcome window.


If you don’t want to see it again, then make sure the Show this window when Xcode launches checkbox doesn’t have a checkmark.


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